CRIAQ 2018 Technical Aerospace Forum – On Demand Mobility Conference with Scott Drennan and Thomas Prevot

During the 2018 CRIAQ technical aerospace forum at the Palais des Congrès, Scott Drennan, Director, Innovation at Bell, and Thomas Prevot, Director of Engineering for Airspace Systems at Uber, hosted a networking event organized by CRIAQ and by AHS Montréal/Ottawa that was attended by more than 500 aerospace professionals and students. The presentation addressed global […]

On the way to Forum 74 in Phoenix Arizona – AHS Lichten Competition Results

On February 12th 2018, Bell hosted the Montréal/Ottawa regional chapter Robert L. Lichten competition. Julian Anthony and Maged Yassin, each students from the CFD Laboratory at McGill University under the supervision of professor Wagdi G. Habashi, visited the Bell Mirabel facility to present their research on ice accretion and shedding on helicopter rotors. The winner […]

Bell Helicopter Innovation with Scott Drennan

One of the many advantages of being a member of the American Helicopter Society (AHS) is the opportunity to attend inspiring talks by industry leaders. Here is a brief review of the presentation given by Scott Drennan, Director, Innovation. The 2017-2018 inaugural event of the AHS’s Montréal-Ottawa Chapter was held on October 12. Scott Drennan, Director, Innovation at […]