Helicopter Search & Rescue, Part 1 – February 15th 2022 – 12PM EST


Igor Sikorsky famous said “If you are in trouble anywhere in the world, an airplane can fly over and drop flowers, but a helicopter can land and save your life.”

Rescue operations have been a hallmark of how vertical lift is used since the early days, but how that mission is accomplished has changed drastically in the past 80 years. In this event we will speak with experienced Canadian helicopter professionals performing search & rescue (SAR) missions, as well as a community based SAR team deploying drones to expand their life saving capability.

Speaker Bios:


Jarrett Lunn, Chief Pilot – Talon Helicopters

Jarrett started flying helicopters in 2007, beginning his career in Northern BC flying logging and mining support missions. He quickly developed a passion for utility work, specifically external load operations. After several years of shift work across much of Canada and the US, Jarrett was able to settle down with a base position at Talon Helicopters where the focus is Search & Rescue and Fire Fighting operations. Having been at Talon for 8 years, Jarrett is now the Chief Pilot and a Transport Canada Approved Check Pilot (ACP). He splits his time between conducting company flight training and his role as a rescue & utility pilot.

Noah Pawlowski, North Shore Rescue

Noah Pawlowski joined North Shore rescue in 2018. After being involved in numerous mountain rescue operations requiring significant route finding, he began promoting the idea of mini drones as a means to assist navigation in treacherous and difficult terrain. He now leads the mini drone program with North Shore Rescue and has been involved in rolling out the use of a thermal vision equipped drone for night operations. In his spare time he can be found in the mountains with his family.

Sergeant François Robert & Sergeant Steve Labonté, Sûreté du Québec

Sergeant François Robert is the Airborne Program Coordinator. He oversees the helicopter division (personnel trainings, mission) and air charter for the Sureté du Québec members. Sergeant Steve Labonté is the training lead of the Search & Rescue team. They both work together to keep the competency of the airborne personnel updated and go on operational missions.