VFS Montréal/Ottawa – Lichten Presentation – Adam Targui – McGill University

From left to right : Albertus Tjandra, Mathieu Béland & Maxime Lapalme (Bell), Adam Targui & Professor Wagdi Habashi (McGill), Chantal Boucher (Bell)

February 6th 2020

The VFS Lichten presentation for the Montréal/Ottawa Chapter was held on February 6th at Bell in Mirabel. Adam Targui along with Professor Wagdi Habashi from McGill were there to present their work titled:

An Optimization Tool for Electro-Thermal Rotor Ice Protection Systems

The chapter would like to congratulates Adam for his presentation and quality of work that is directly relevant with challenges faced by rotor craft industries. Bell would also like to thank Professor Wagdi Habashi and the McGill CFD Lab (https://www.cfdlab.mcgill.ca/) for their long term partnership in research.

Adam Targui (left) & Professor Wagdi Habashi