On the way to Forum 74 in Phoenix Arizona – AHS Lichten Competition Results

On February 12th 2018, Bell hosted the Montréal/Ottawa regional chapter Robert L. Lichten competition. Julian Anthony and Maged Yassin, each students from the CFD Laboratory at McGill University under the supervision of professor Wagdi G. Habashi, visited the Bell Mirabel facility to present their research on ice accretion and shedding on helicopter rotors. The winner of the regional competition will go on to present its research at the international AHS Forum 74 that takes place in Phoenix, Arizona on Monday May 14 to Thursday May 17 2018.

Julian’s research focused on the ice shedding process in helicopter rotors. The main goal is to establish the most likely impact zones in the ice shedding trajectories. As ice sheds, it can hit other blades, the fuselage, the tail boom, or the tailrotor.  He used computational fluid dynamics simulations to assess when and where ice sheds from rotors, and to define its trajectory post-shedding.

Maged’s research focused on quantifying the performance degradation on icing blades in terms of aerodynamics, structural dynamics, vibrations and loading. He proposed computational techniques to be used as tools for aid in performance predictions in the early design phases of fully articulated rotors.

The 3 judges from Bell: Steve Dyer (VP Engineering), Albertus Tjandra (Propulsion Systems/Certification) and Maxime Lapalme (Innovation) chose Maged as the winner of this friendly competition. Thanks to the organizers and hosts Margaux Conyers (Commercial Programs Project Manager) and Chantal Boucher (Systems and Projects Engineering Manager).

Make sure not to miss the AHS Forum 74 the week of May 14th in Phoenix, Arizona! It’s an unparalleled opportunity to learn and network in the vertical lift industry. There will be over 250 technical papers presented as well as a packed itinerary of technical sessions delivered by experienced industry professionals.

From Left to Right : Steve Dyer, Julian Anthony, Wagdi G. Habashi, Maged Yassin (this year Montréal/Ottawa chapter winner), Maxime Lapalme and Albertus Tjandra