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American Helicopter Society Montreal-Ottawa Chapter

Past Chapter Events

Montreal-Ottawa Chapter Celebrated its 25th Anniversary

On Thursday, May 2, the Montreal-Ottawa Chapter held a Gala Banquet to celebrate its 25th Anniversary.

More than 200 guests congregated at Montreal’s Ritz Carleton Hotel, including representatives from industry, academia and government.  Andrew Sayer (Montréal-Ottawa Chapter President) extended a warm welcome to guests as well as several of the Chapter's former Presidents.  After a cocktail and banquet, attendees had the opportunity to hear three speakers including Somen Chowdhury (AHS International Vice President and Co-founder of the Chapter), Mike Hirschberg (AHS International Executive Director) and the evening’s keynote speaker,  John Garrison (AHS International President).


Mr. Garrison chose to discuss the challenges that companies in this industry will be facing over the next 25 years: “I don’t need to tell anyone in this room that technology today moves at a speed that is faster than ever before, and as an industry, we are in need of a nimble and agile process that allows us to safely consider and incorporate new technology features as they come available”.  Moreover, from his point of view, priority should be given to developing talent: “We can invest all the money in the world, but it takes finding the best and brightest minds in the world and bringing them into the aerospace industry to really move forward,” said Garrison.


The event was made possible by the generous support of Bell Helicopter, Pratt & Whitney Canada, CAE Inc., Bombardier, Avior, Delastek, Lord Corporation, Turbomeca Canada and CRIAQ.


The coaxial compound helicopter (CCH) configuration: A means to increase helicopter lifting and cruise efficiency

By: Troy Gaffey

21st February, 2013

About the presentation:

The inherent performance advantages of the coaxial main rotor, compound helicopter configuration
provide the opportunity to significantly increase the useful load and the speed of the conventional
helicopter. The coaxial main rotor can, for the same power, lift more weight that a single rotor/tail
rotor helicopter and can therefore accommodate the added weight normally associated with
compounding, thereby enabling increased speed.
The presentation will briefly explain the coaxial compound helicopter concept in layman’s terms and
will then describe two potential commercial applications. First, a 3,200 lb. gross weight, five seat,
modern commuter/utility helicopter with a maximum speed of 150+ knots and second, a 12,000 lb.
gross weight, 14 seat utility helicopter with a 180+ knot speed capability. The presentation concludes
with a suggestion for a low cost coaxial compound research vehicle.




Development of the Eurocopter X3

By: Claude Roy

22nd January, 2013





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